Insurance reimbursements depend on your particular insurance company, as well as the specifics of your individual insurance policy. Not only is each policy different, the philosophy of each insurance company is also different.

After completing your physical evaluation and diagnosis process, if treatment for your condition is recommended, we will gladly submit a request for authorization to your insurance company for you. After the request for authorization is submitted, your insurance company decides whether the recommended treatment/request for authorization is medically necessary and part of your individual coverage.

Once the request for authorization has been submitted for your insurance company’s approval, most insurance companies allow up to 30 days for their approval process to be completed.

We will call you to schedule your appointment once your insurance company approves the request. If the insurance company denies the request, we will also call you to let you know what options you have to proceed with the treatment.

Insurance companies may require different forms of documentation prior to approval of the treatment. Some may require photographs of your venous condition be submitted with the treatment request/claim. Most require you have a trail of conservative treatment (compression stockings) for three to six months prior to approval of the treatment.

If the ultrasound shows you have abnormal veins and you are having a medical problem like pain, swelling, severe skin changes, leg ulcers, etc., most insurance companies will eventually approve the recommended treatments. Treatment claims for more severe conditions, like leg ulcers, may be approved faster than usual.

You can call the insurance company to check on the status of your request. An insurance company may be more likely to help if they hear from you, their customer.

One thing to be clear about: none of the insurance companies will pay for cosmetic treatments.