D.C. – Graduate student, runner, and rock climber

“Varicose veins began to form in my legs when I was in high school and progressively worsened over the next 10 years. Not only were the veins unpleasantly visible, but my legs often felt heavy, achy, and persistently itchy. I had trouble standing for long periods of time and began to consider giving up one of my favorite activities — standing in the student section during Duke basketball games. EVLT treatment from Dr. Shortell dramatically improved my overall condition. My recovery was quick, and after sclerotherapy the veins are now barely noticeable. I no longer feel vein-related discomfort in my legs and I’ll be back standing with the Duke fans this fall.”

S.P. – Mother and community volunteer

“I had numerous spider veins on my legs which were souvenirs of my two pregnancies, and I have been self conscious about them ever since. The Duke Vein Clinic treated all my visible spider and varicose veins, and I am very pleased with the results. The procedure was relative painless and certainly worth it! I would definitely do it again.”

R.W. – HR manager, mother, ballroom dancer, and runner

“Following the first of three procedures on my varicose veins, it became very clear to me that over the years, I had become accustomed to the discomfort I was feeling with my varicose veins. Before my treatment, I could actually predict changes in the weather, because changes in barometric pressure in the air caused my legs to throb more than usual. Now, unless I check the weather report, I have no idea that a storm is on its way. Even though I was a little anxious about going through the procedure, Dr. Shortell, her staff, and modern technology made the experience comfortable and pleasant. To my surprise the second week of each of the procedures was the hardest part…feeling the healing.”